Dr. O. Wayne and Rev. Pamela R. Brewer, serving as Directors of Men’s Discipleship and Women’s Discipleship, respectively, bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to their positions of ministry.  Having served as pastors and beginning a lifetime of ministry in discipleship training, Wayne also served as State Evangelism Director for California-Nevada, and Pam as International Girl’s Ministries Coordinator for the Church of God.  For fifteen years they served as State Overseers for Northern New England, Oklahoma, the Heartland Region, Eastern North Carolina and Alabama.

Our Mission

The mission of Church of God Adult Discipleship is to carry out the Great Commission of Christ to make disciples through: first, producing and providing biblical, practical and Pentecostal resources, texts and manuals for disciple-making church/ministries . . . and second, to provide national, state and local conferences, and clinics to equip men and women to become mature, Spirit-filled, vibrant disciples of Christ.
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O. Wayne Brewer, Ordained Bishop with the Church of God, has ministered over thirty-five years teaching, preaching, and carrying out victorious spiritual warfare all over North America and several other nations. As a church pastor, evangelism director, and administrative bishop— from the west coast to New England, from the mid-west to the deep south—he has taught and equipped countless pastors, laypersons, college students, and prayer intercessors in many conferences, seminars, clinics, and worship services. He holds B.A., M.Div. and D.Min. degrees in Biblical Studies and Church Growth and Renewal. He is the author of Preparing to Grow, Fighting the Good Fight: An Outlined Biblical Guide for Equipping Believers for Spiritual Warfare, and co-author (with his wife, Pamela) of Praying: The Breath of Life, and contributor to various books, manuals, and periodicals.  He and his wife, Pamela, love to equip, encourage, and disciple God’s people.

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Reverend Pamela R. Brewer, Director of Women’s Discipleship and former pastor’s wife, has served as President of Women’s Ministries in Northern New England, Oklahoma, the Heartland Region, Eastern North Carolina and Alabama for the Church of God.  In addition to serving on the Church of God Women’s Ministries Board as well as Discipleship Board, she also served as International Coordinator for Girl’s Ministries. She is presently appointed to the Religious Alliance Against Pornography Association and the Church of God International Prayer Commission and serves on the Engage Committee.

A victorious cancer survivor, Pam coauthored with her husband Wayne, Praying: The Breath of Life, a practical, discipling tool for equipping believers in effective praying.  She has been a writer for numerous publications. A sought-after conference speaker with an inspiring testimony, Reverend Brewer enjoys teaching and building up believers… especially women, to be mature disciples of Christ.   

She attended Anderson College, University of Tennessee, and the Pentecostal Theological Seminary. She is a graduate of Lee University and holds a master’s degree in leadership from Mid-America Christian University. Pam is currently pursuing a doctorate of ministry at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary. 

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Lenae S. Simmons serves as the Executive Secretary for Church of God Adult Discipleship.  She has served at the Church of God International Offices for 24 years.  Prior to this she worked at Lee University as a secretary to the Director of External Studies, and earlier served as Public Services Assistant at the Lee University Squires Library.   

Lenae S. Simmons was born in Cleveland, Tennessee.  She is married to Bill Simmons, professor at Lee University.  They have three children:  David A. Simmons, Nathaniel S. Simmons, and Laura M. Simmons.  She received her B.A, in Music from Lee University.

She and her husband served as missionaries in Germany while working at the Church of God European Bible Seminary, and in Scotland.  While at EBS, she enjoyed helping musically prepare students for ministry trips to several countries:  Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, the former Yugoslavia, Italy, and England.