The primary goal of Enliven Bible Book Studies is to train people to encounter God through His Word! Enliven will provide readers/students the ability to learn how to study the Bible for themselves and to lead others in Bible Study.


Enliven Life-Changing Discipleship Studies

The Enliven Bible Study Series is designed to help people encounter God in His Word with a “Hands On” approach to studying the Bible. The following discipleship studies are now available: James: A Path to Discipleship and Philippians: A Path to Joy, Romans 1-8: A Path To Transformation, Romans 9-16: A Path To Transformation and Thanksgiving Psalms: A Path to Praise.    Students are called upon to discover what the Bible says, discern what the scripture means, obey and be transformed to be more like Christ and serve Christ fully. The student will personally experience the text and encounter the Holy Spirit in the Word of God.  The primary goal of the Enliven study is to help students grow spiritually as one discovers God’s Word for oneself.

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